If you missed it, I recently open-sourced a Ticketing / Support desk software on github.

Taken from the readme:

TicketDesk is an e-mail driven system. Customers are never exposed to the portal. Instead, a support e-mail is created. TicketDesk receives tickets via a rake task that connects to IMAP. Responses to tickets are e-mailed to clients, and threading is enabled.

TicketDesk is also issue driven. Instead of manually managing 10 tickets with the same problem/solution, create an ‘Issue’. You can then focus your time on solving the issue at hand, and batch e-mail updates / close tickets with the same

TicketDesk was built as an internal tool, so is rigged for my needs and use case. I’d encourage you to share the customizations made along the way.

Take a look on the TicketDesk Github page. What’s kind of cool is it trended as the #1 new app on github for a day and a bit.