3 Ways to Find Royalty Free Images for Your Blog

My faithful blog readers have noticed a huge change; I’m now putting a picture with every post! Pretty eh? I’ve had a few comments and tweets asking where I found them so decided to publish my not entirely obscure sources.


Flickr.com is where I find most of the images I have been using. Most people don’t realize that not only is it a huge community of photographs but it is a huge community of royalty free / free to use images. To find the images you can use simply go to Advanced Search, type in your query and ensure that ‘Creative Commons licensed Content’ is selected. If you have any commerical implications for your work make sure ‘is also selected.

Stock Xchng

Sxc.hu is another great resource I have been using for years. Most of the images you will find are free, royalty free and / or Creative Commons content. To make sure the photos you find are licensed just check to the right of each photo. You will be told under what terms you can distribute the work. Sxc also makes it easy to contact photographers and ask their permission in unclear circumstances.


iStockphoto.com is the final website I have been using for several years. You will find a tonne of high quality images here but unlike Flickr and SXC you will have to pay (for a website it is no more than $1-2 an image, so it won’t break the bank.) Most images, because of their paid nature, are on a royalty free nature.