Free eBook: Social Media Workout

I have a confession to make. Supposedly I have been co-writing an ebook on all things web with @NatalieSisson. Due to time commitments I was unable to further my work with Natalie (this time). The good news is she has just released a fantastic *(and free!!)* eBook giving brief, bite sized workouts to improve your effiency and results in the major social media channels. Want a taste? The Contents are below: 0 Workout 1: Back to Basics - Workout 2: Get Facebook Fit - Workout 3: Tone up with Twitter - Workout 4: Exercise Control Of Email - Workout 5: Lunging into LinkedIn - Workout 6: ┬áMake Movie Muscle - Workout 7: Website Weightlifting - Workout 8: Build a Better Blog It’s totally free so what do you have to lose? Click here to be redirected to Natalie’s WomanzWorld and get your copy.