The Hacker News Effect

I love traffic spikes, they are exciting. Some time ago I wrote about a ‘how to’ guide of mine, How to add LinkedIN contacts to Twitter, which became popular. At the time I was excited about getting to number 1 on google while being bookmarked and tweeted. After writing that post traffic continued to grow and the guide has now generated over 5,000 uniques and 260 tweets for this blog. There was certainly a viral period where I was getting huge spikes in my taffic and the article has since been featured and linked by many groups, blogs and consultants.

In the past 24 hours I’ve had another great traffic spike, this time from Hacker News (HN). If you are not aware of HN it is operated by YCombinator, a startup incubator, and features plenty of interesting discussions and user submitted articles. The HN feed is the first I read in my RSS each morning.

It really draws strong traffic too! Last night I submitted my latest entry, having a price is really cool for getting profits, to the community. Sitting on the ‘New’ page drew decent traffic, about a 15% increase on my normal traffic. After receiving enough upvotes I made it to the main HN feed and received a great traffic spike (and hopefully the article added some value!). I don’t think I need to tell you the percentage, the image speaks for itself.

In all honesty I’ve been a reader and occasional commenter on HN for some time but had never considered putting any of my articles into the feed. Now I’m glad I tried!